Release Notes


We're are happy to announce the official release of RichCSS Website & Documentation. We hope that this iniative will help grow the RichCSS community.

  • RichCSS Command Line Interface
  • Created RichCSS Website
  • RichCSS is now on IRC #Freenode
  • Updated the RichCSS Documentation
  • The input.css guide is now form.css

What can be improved & what we're looking to add next

  1. Make the website Responsive & Beautiful on mobile devices
  2. It would be great to have a boostrap part on that is re-written by following the RichCSS conventions
  3. Improving the definitions and scopes of features.
  4. Writting a Foundation part.
  5. Writting parts for all the grid systems
  6. Writting parts for CSS animations
  7. Creating a Partfile that would work just like Gemfile in Rails to avoid having to actually copy/paste CSS. IT will make it easier to install and remove borrowed CSS from web application
  8. Creating a blueprint for common HTML tag that can be used to create a convention for writting RichCSS parts
  9. A Tutorial on how to cut Design into RichCSS parts